La Frontière (The Border)

On my free time, I participated to the 23 hours of the comic book in march 2020.

The 23 hours of the comic book are a national event during which a subject and a constraint are unveiled the saturday predating the switch to summer time, at 1pm. Alone or with a team, we have until the next sunday, 1pm to realise a comic book of 24 plates.

For this occasion, the theme was "The boundary between Reality and Imagination" and the constraint was "A character or element must be untouchable". With a friend, we wrote and drew the comic book La Frontière within the allowed time. This occasion has been quite special because it took place during the lockdown. My friend and I had to adapt ourselves to the situation and to choose a digital format for this comic.

You can see the the cover of this comic book on this page and find the entire comic right here (only available in French).

the cover of our comic